I strongly endorse Remain

by Mark Andrews
Posted on: June 17th, 2016

Remain in Europe

I’d have hoped for a stronger name for the campaign but there we are.

Over the years I have produced many commercials for clients all over Europe and enjoyed working closely with them. They look up to the UK as the leaders in this field. I know they are absolutely horrified and frankly baffled that we’d even consider abandoning them. Yes, abandoning.

If my grandfathers, Jack and Ernest, were alive today, they’d both be baffled that we were even considering running away from our political and social responsibilities. Having each devoted 9 years of their lives to bringing peace and unity to Europe for the first time in over 2000 years they’d think arguing the finer points of ‘money’ and ‘immigration’ a national disgrace. They didn’t think twice about giving everything they and the country had in the cause of an idea buy viagra in usa. That idea is Europe at peace.


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  1. Kevin Wallis-Eade says:

    As Jeremy Clarkson said, there are many compelling reasons to leave. I fear that the EU is something of a busted flush. I fear the sequestration of democracy. I am more than mildly disgruntled at the pathetic lies being peddled by both sides of the debate. Up until this morning I was genuinely undecided, even considering spoiling my ballot paper in some small gesture of protest at the behaviour of many of our elected representatives.

    But recent tragic events have shown that there is something much more important at stake; the very survival of society as we know it. Only Tommy Mair knows what thoughts drove him so cruelly to rip the life from another human being. Though if reports in this morning’s news are to be believed, the politics of hatred had some part in the formation of those thoughts. I am sure that many will dismiss him as a lone nutter, in common with all of the other lone nutters they similarly dismiss, but how many other people have such thoughts and only refrain from making them manifest due to an effective frontal lobe?

    So let’s stamp out the politics of hatred, yeah right, that’s like trying to dry one’s socks by stamping in a puddle. We cannot fight the politics of hatred. We can promote the politics of inclusion, tolerance and fairness, which is not to be confused with socialism; forcibly and arbitrarily taking something away from one person to give to another just fuels hatred in those from whom that something has been taken. Fairness cannot be unidirectional.

    If we are not to slide into a Mad Max dystopia, we all have to find a way to play nicely together. We can’t just leave it to the politicians, but we must tell them that we need them to put aside any self interest and work to create a decent society.

    I am going to vote remain because now, very sadly, Jo Cox no longer can.

  2. Paul Nathanson says:

    Well said sir, indeed. Amen!

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